Oil Tank (UST) Removal

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Need professionals to remove your Oil Tank?

Oil Tank (UST) Removal

Underground storage tanks (UST’s), commonly used in the past for fuel, oil, and other hazardous materials, have become a source for environmental concern. Over time, the integrity of these tanks naturally degrades, greatly increasing the possibility of a leak. Such leaks can cause the tank contents to contaminate soil, groundwater, drinking water, surface water, and in some cases cause a fire or explosion hazard.

Fleck Contracting takes care of all details required for the tank removal project:


  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Pumping and disposal of contents
  • Removal and recycling of tank
  • Backfill
  • Provide owner and city with a completion letter



Upon removal of tank we will assess the extent of any contamination, monitor the removal of the tank and any contaminated soil, and provide complete project management for your tank removal and soil remediation as necessary. Fleck Contracting Ltd. uncovers tanks and provides accurate soil sampling, decommissioning and clean up services at affordable prices, with minimal impact to the environment. We are experienced and knowledgeable about regulatory requirements and insurance trends, ensuring the best protection and service available.

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